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 Brenda began her artistic journey as a ceramist and later began painting with acrylics and drawing with pastels and colored pencils, for which she has a special love. The intensity of colored pencil art has always been an attraction. The process of burnishing and layering of color is what is most enjoyable about working with pencils. She has created works using all three mediums, and her art has been categorized as ethnic fine art, primitive and folk art. 

She finds time to conduct creative art and music therapy workshops to non-profit and individual clientele. Programs for the mentally impaired, geriatric, and public school aged children that encompass art (ceramics, drawing, and crafts) and music have been developed and offered to a diverse client group. It has been a well established fact that art and music have had a positive influence in relieving depression, promoting a sense of well-being and been a major contributor in increasing test scores in school aged children. She continues to develop custom programs for local, county and state agencies interested in adding a creative component to existing client services. 

She has a particular interest in creating works that demonstrate ethnic hairstyles, and show the many shades of her people. As a self-taught artist, she continues to develop her gift. She has also made available a limited amount of originals for sale to the serious collector of African American art through corporate and individual personal art exhibits. This website offers limited editions in Giclee and Lithograph reproductions. Her pieces are available commercially in Georgia at several local galleries and online. 

In 2009, Brenda released her own brand of ethnic-themed Limited Edition Jigsaw Puzzles. Four titles are available and are featured on this site. Her puzzles are among a select group of artists' works that appear at the African Burial Ground Visitor's Center in New York, and are carried in outlets where there is an appreciation for ethnic-themed art. She continues to develop her craft in her in-home studio in Georgia and maintains an inventory of unique originals for sale and exhibit. Commissioned pieces, corporate exhibitions and art placement consultant services are available for the serious collector.