Artwork care tips

Artwork Care Tips


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To My Valued Customers:

Thank you for your recent purchase of Brenda Hillman Art.  All artwork, whether original or limited edition prints, need to be taken care of.  Following some simple procedures will go a long way toward insuring your art will last for you to enjoy and appreciate in value for many years to come.

1.    Never expose your artwork to direct sunlight.  Modern pigments are being updated all the time to increase their light-fastness, however, colors will fade when exposed to ultra-violet rays.  There are different types of UV protective coatings for glass used in framing available.  In many cases these coatings can be rather expensive.  Just making sure you hang your art where the sun will not shine directly on it is precaution enough.

2.    Safeguard your artwork from climate extremes.  All prints and originals from Brenda Hillman Art are on high quality, acid-free archival papers.  The natural fibers of paper and canvas will last many years if kept in a moderate environment comfortable to humans.  Never store your art in garages, attics, or storage lockers where extreme heat, cold or moisture can attack the paper.  Hang your artwork away from all direct heat sources, such as radiators, vents or working fireplaces.  Avoid excessively cold or damp locations, such as near an outside door or in a bathroom (guest bathrooms with infrequent bath/shower use may be an exception).  Works on paper can suffer irreversible damage in humidity over seventy percent. 

3.    Frame your artwork with archival materials.  Be sure the mat and backing that touches your art is acid-free.  Cardboard and other papers will cause discoloration to the mat and paper that can ruin a painting over time.  Most art grade foam-core backing and mat board are acid-free on the side that touches your art (the colored side of most mat board is not acid-free.)  Double check with the manufacturer if it is not clearly stated on the packaging, or check with the reputable framer you select to frame your art, as most Brenda Hillman artwork purchased at art exhibits comes unframed.  For greatest longevity, frame with museum board.

4.    Clean your glass with a soft, lint-free rag or paper towel and glass cleaner.  Avoid spraying glass-cleaner directly on your artwork.  Spray or dampen the rag first, and polish lightly.  Wood frames may be buffed with a soft, clean, lint-free cloth.  An annual application of wood wax or light oil polish will help preserve the wood.  Paintings not protected by glass should be carefully dusted with a soft feather-type duster at least twice a year, or more often if dust accumulates quickly.  Avoid touching the paint surface with bare hands and keep the work out of smoky environments.  If a more thorough cleaning is required or if the artwork becomes damaged, contact a professional art restorer.

5.    When hanging your artwork, consider whether people will be sitting or standing when viewing the piece.  A general suggestion is to hang the painting at or slightly above eye level, or approximately 6’6” from the floor to the top of the painting.  If the piece is hung above furnishings, position the bottom of the painting one foot or less above the furnishings so that the two will be seen as a unit.  Often art collectors with two story rooms will hang artwork significantly above eye level, however, art can be seen from a balcony or catwalk. 

6.    If you plan to frame your artwork yourself, there are several do-it-yourself companies available online.  Framing different media types requires special care.  For instance, acrylic paintings should not be framed under glass.  Oil paintings also should not be framed under glass as these have to breathe.  Both acrylic and oil paintings should be dusted to avoid build up which may crack and peel the paint.  Frame watercolors behind glass.  Oil pastels and chalk pastels are very delicate and should be framed under glass as soon as possible to protect their easily damaged surfaces.  Charcoal, pencil, colored pencil and crayon drawings (90% of Brenda Hillman Art falls into this medium) should be framed under glass and protected in the same manner.  Do not touch the delicate surface of these originals with your bare hands. 

Once again thank you for your purchase of Brenda Hillman Art.  I appreciate you for selecting my creations for your home or office, or as a gift for that special person.  May you enjoy your artwork for many years to come.